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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network?? yesterday afternoon, in Shanhaiguan called Siu Lam, head south, east Phoenix, four towns north of Dongsheng clothing and small household appliances manufacturer, held a "card processing companies Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights training. " Nike, Adidas, the company responsible for the per capita clear that mix and match single case impossible. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; brand rights holders scene to explain the characteristics of each brand and identify methods, and emphasized that the card processing business in orders, we must look carefully at whether there is a regular client of brand licensing file . "Our mandate is very strict production process, not simply to produce several materials can be single, but to carry out a series of review." Adidas company official said, "We have always been separate authorization, if you Orders received besides Adidas, and other brands are common authorization, it must be false. "Nike official said, if not the principal concern factory production environment, nor say whether the workers overtime, it must be a "cottage" principal, "In addition to impossible to mix and match or cheap air jordans ders, Nike can not be mixed with other brands of products to fight the container." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Shanhaiguan responsible person said, by the economic downturn, some of the lack of independent intellectual property rights, trade less competitive licensing process for small and medium business under pressure of market competition, not verified for licensing IP situation processed products blindly orders, eventually lead to punishment, the rights of people of the consequences of Customs claims. In 2008, the Gongbei Customs seized 404 IPR infringement cases, the value of 8.25 million yuan. "With the domestic product development technology continues to improve, made in China has gradually become the target of infringement, the infringement of overseas markets is also worse than the domestic market, such as Zhongshan rugby-ju, 75% of the African market are counterfeit, more than 200 million yuan loss a year But domestic enterprises to apply for IPR protection is not much, it is necessary to pay close attention to action. "Gongbei Customs Intellectual Property Laws and Regulations Department chief Luo Huaxin said.In May this year, Vans has teamed up with skateboard brand " jordans on sale online Star Wars" series, launched the Star Wars series of cooperation, and received an unprecedented response. This season, the two sides will continue to make for us to offer a new wave of Dark Side joint projects. The joint single product are in black and white tone, including the new men's shoes, shoes, shoes, hats, bags and T-shirts and other products, the series will be on October 15th on the Vans official website of the United States, the domestic no sale information. 20141002013044_50601.jpg (149.92 KB, download number: 0) download Star Wars x Vans Dark Side signed a new 2014-10-2 09:34 upload 20141002013046_28682.jpg (165.73 KB, download number: 0) download Star Wars x Vans Dark Side signed a new 2014-10-2 09:34 upload 20141002013048_41277.jpg (118.19 KB, download number: 0) download Star Wars x Vans Dark Side signed a new 2014-10-2 09:34 upload 20141002013050_18798.jpg (78.17 KB, download number: 0) download Star Wars x Vans Dark Side signed a new 2014-10-2 09:34 upload 20141002013051_53292.jpg (88.67 KB, download number: 0) download Star Wars x Vans Dark Side signed a new 2014-10-2 09:35 upload 20141002013054_53996.jpg (134.98 KB, download number: cheap air jordans 0) download Star Wars x Vans Dark Side signed a new 2014-10-2 09:35 upload the production cost rise, threatened by growing crises, the consumer downturn, many companies bear the impact of the economic crisis, the collapse or poor efficiency, the surviving enterprises are also very careful. To help businesses safely through the crisis, the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou municipal government, then the new tactics, to join the national Ministry of Commerce and the China Commerce Association, held the "famous brands into boutique docking exhibition in Wenzhou". Mainly responsible for the procurement of more than 300 stores and the person in charge, more than 30 large chain shoes for people, all over the country and some well-known brand shoes and apparel agents to participate in the exhibition. During the exhibition, with AOKANG and tengxu as the representative of a number of well-known Wenzhou shoes and apparel enterprises will also with the well-known department store companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It is reported that the joint exhibition is the Wenzhou municipal government led companies to "expand the market, growth strategy, the establis jordan shoes online sale hment of a new initiative purchase in Wenzhou" and "famous into brand" long-term mechanism and the development of the implementation of the. The government actively shot, will support the policy, environment, consumer guide and other aspects play a positive role, escort for the healthy development of enterprises, to promote enterprises to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading in the new market environment, and establish a government support for the prosperity of regional economy benchmarking enterprises. government led, "scale effect" Wenzhou is a very characteristic city; the people of Wenzhou also have the spirit of being the first in the world; this is closely related to the baton of the Wenzhou municipal government. In the past 30 years since the reform and opening up, Wenzhou has been at the forefront of other cities. At every turn, the Wenzhou municipal government has introduced different policies and tactics to promote the development of enterprises. After entering the new century, the Wenzhou municipal government is to guide enterprises to accelerate the progress of science and technology, encourage innovation, through the powerful combinatio foamposites for cheap n of foreign cooperation and market expansion, virtual management mode, to assist enterprises to promote the brand, expand the market and maintain growth. As a service-oriented government, the Wenzhou municipal government plays a very important role in leading and promoting the development of enterprises in Wenzhou. now, the economic crisis spread in the external environment, meet the channel "bottleneck" in Wenzhou local brand, to promote the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou brand, single brand of high-end channels to solve the difficult shot again trapped, the Wenzhou municipal government, together with the Ministry of Commerce and China Commerce Association, following the launch of "Wenzhou purchase", and successfully held the "famous brands into boutique exhibition docking", "pull the order for the enterprise". The Ministry of Commerce, China department store business association, and is mainly responsible for the procurement of more than 300 stores and the person in charge, more than 30 large chain shoes for people, all over the country and some well-known brand shoes and apparel agents into Wenzhou, in-depth understanding of Wenzhou "famous" and reached a nu jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black mber of cooperation in the exhibition site. At the same time, with government departments, China Commerce Association branch in Wenzhou shoes also activated, which will also exchange and cooperation and build a new shopping mall brand shoes and apparel communication channels. 〈)enjoy many of the Nike and Jordan 2013 "BHM" new version, classic Nike Air Force 1 High Foamposite shoes also exposed a new version of "BHM", the body of the shoe to metal Foamposite material as the main material, with lace holes, black suede shoes and lining decoration, Africa totem ankle Velcro design, and followed with AIR MAX window air cushion black crystal outsole is more low-key color brings gorgeous texture. 2012-4-27 09:04 upload and download the attachment (127.64 KB) Bo · Jackson " familiar with " professional baseball and football, is a former baseball and American football projects have reached the top level of the legend. His Rugby career had to end in 1991 because of a hip injury. 3 years later, his baseball career came to an end. Bo · Jackson worked for the Auburn University and the Losangeles invaders. In April 24th, Bo ·, Jackson will participate in a 300 mile charity cycling event to support the Alabama governor's emergency relief fund. In order to support these activities, Nike released three new color Jackson and Bo · the Nike Lunar TR1, representing the Auburn University Losangeles color, color and a team of invaders like suns silver color orange colour. Since it is a bike race, of course, that classic LIVESTRONG yellow theme color, of course, this paragraph is also the main push for this event shoes. with a paper 13 years $2 million shoe contract, joined the ADI's Houston Rockets star James & middot; harden over from the beginning of the period at the University of Arizona Nike's career, and in this period from the university has nearly 10 years of time, harden the foot which nike shoes? To see what. Nike Air Huarache Elite TB (2007) Nike Air Max Elite II (2008) Nike Zoom BB II (2008) Nike Foamposite Lite (2008) Nike Hyperdunk (2009) Nike Zoom LeBron 6 (2009)Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (2009)Nike HyperizeNike Zoom Sharkley (2010) Nike KD 2 (2010)Nike Hyperfuse (2010) Nike Hyperfuse Low (2010-2011) Nike Air Max Rise (2010) Nike Kobe 6 (2011)Nike Hyperfuse 2011 Low (2011 )Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Low (2011-2012) Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite LowHyperdunk Nike 2012 (2012) LowHyperfuse Nike 2012 (2012-2013) LowLunar Hypergamer Low (2012-2013) NikeKD Nike 5 (2013) Zoom Crusader Nike (2013-2014) Zoom Run the One Nike (2014-2015) HyperRev Nike 2015 (2015) HyperChase Nike (2015) get reload, the major application market search "get" to download the latest version, more sneakers information, more 〉The day before a new color of the Nike Kobe Mentality were placed on the network, to build the whole upper red, golden outline of luxury, and the black line across the upper vamp, let it more rich color, the black bottom, I believe will be welcomed by many sneaker, and will start and attribute combat are impressive can meet different needs of friends. It is reported that the shoes will be fully landed shelves recently, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.New members of the Human Race family created by Adidas Originals and Pharrell Williams. From the point of view of the network exposure of the picture, the shoes with Primeknit material to form a streamlined knitted sock cover type shoe, shoe by blue, pink two colors and gray collocation intersection, tongue leather standard, followed by the collage and cellular bottom. At present, we have not yet obtained the specific naming and related sales information of these shoes, like friends may continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports!0001.jpg (28.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-15 10:05 upload Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings 2 "Black Patent... Author: Yi Bo came to 2013-2-6 22:30:24 clouds reading: 164 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes informationwhite reflective shoe black tongue sole collocation, details by Infared 23 infrared color embellishment. The shoes are made of good material and full of texture. better material means higher costs, so the price of Air Jordan shoes will enhance. Recently, Jordan Brand has repeatedly sold many high specification sneakers. It has also improved the psychological bottom line of price for the shoe market to a certain extent, laying the groundwork for the continued price increase. Our previous reports of Air Jordan shoes will be 10% in advance in 2015, and will be more than 10%.See how you? You are welcome to say what you think in the lower discussion area. item: 696298-023 release date: October 4th related information: