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Sports players upstart final coronation Nike Kevin Durant 2008-05-31 16:58:07 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source:] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Although not imagine the magic, but Durant still got his wish to get the "Rookie of the Year", and more importantly, he is also about to be harvested his first signature shoe. After the signing of the original nike heavily Durant has made it clear the future of kd signature product line, since Durant hope to make more shoes priced family on a budget can afford, so the positioning in the end Signature Series is also highly look, his rookie season after another endorsement of several team style after formal signature model Kevin Durant 1 will finally come out in the 08-09 season. From the current exposure of the picture point of view, this shoe combines the zoom kobe and zoom bb series of style, outsole similar free with flexible and comprehensive Durant complement each other, although this has not yet announced specific configuration of new shoes, but I believe it will become a very cost-effective choice. & nbsp; Related news this week we will continue to provide shoes group learning opportunities in selected, because fear of fake shoes manufacturers will be identified by appraisers and improvement of fake shoes technology, basically all appraisers are not explicitly state false in one place, so I hope that through our communication with each other to learn how to identify true and false, please enthusiastically in the comments leave your opinion! Today brings the Earl of four pair of air jordan 13. Due to the pictures, to present the elements of four pairs together contrast scene, undoubtedly also for today's group Jian Zengtian many difficulty, but believe that experts in the private sector, is expected to h cheap air jordans ave a man can make a powerful logic analysis. A false true discussion started! (the answer is still at the end of the text) 1- false, 2- false, 3- true, 4- false, in the identification zone AJ13 fake shoes really a lot, I hope everyone in the purchase when more attention! EU anti-dumping on Chinese shoes has affected the overall strategy of shoe manufacturers. Now, they began to turn their gaze elsewhere Zhejiang Wenling Ou letter foreign company's business manager Li Ping, recently very busy too much. Her company has run away continuously, from Europe's three "more than million single", "culprit" is the EU anti-dumping duties on Chinese shoes. in October 7th, the European Union decided to impose a two-year and 16.5% anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes. "How to digest this tax, the company and European companies have not talked about."." Li said, "the phone continues to ring," basically "customer calls", look at anti-dumping, what are the Countermeasures?." Her clients are mainly small businesses producing leather shoes in Wenzhou. Li Ping worries, shoes enterprises on the Canton fair experience deeper. Canton Fair cold "Financial Times" through the Canton Fair News Center learned that the current fair footwear exhibitors, the number of enterprises and the previous basically flat, shoes products exhibition area is also almost the same. With the previous year's "soaring" different, this year for the first time zero growth. in addition, the shoe exhibitors, enterprise types and product categories of the Canton Fair have also undergone great changes. Footwear products in the booth, 90% wool, cloth slippers, shoes, PU shoes (leather shoes) and shoes booth, booth is one of the few leather shoes. Whereas the fair, the number of leather shoes enterprises, can account for more than half cheap jordans for sale of all the shoes products exhibitors. affected by anti-dumping, European companies visited less than in previous years. According to rough statistics, the first day of the Canton Fair to foreign visitors more than 40 thousand people, more than the previous, but the European merchants only two thousand or three thousand people. According to Kangnai shoes Group International Trade Manager Miu Renzan observed, purchasing Chinese shoes EU businessmen less than in previous years, about 30%. "fair began on the two day, we received are some small and small customers, large customers have not met the real." Shenzhen Kaman Sha shoes company's director of exposition, said the party manager. , chairman of East Arts footwear footwear Wenzhou Foreign Trade Commission Chairman Chen Guorong estimates that this year the fair, leather shoes enterprises "harvest" will be reduced. "Bad business" has become the mantra of many shoe prices. has a long history, in fact, as early as before the Canton Fair, more than half a year of anti-dumping investigations have already hurt domestic shoes industry. Statistics from the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce show that since April this year, the EU imposed a provisional anti-dumping duty on China for half a year, and the tax rate changed from 4.8% to 19.4%, followed by Chinese shoesThe provincial labor relations coordination reporter from yesterday held the three meeting of the fourteenth party meeting was informed that this year, Fujian Province, in the normal production and operation, the establishment of trade unions above scale enterprises to carry out collective wage consultation offer, and strive to 3 years time, the establishment of wage collective negotiation system in the province above scale enterprises. the meeting decided to further jordans on sale online improve the coordination mechanism of labor relations, the development of harmonious labor relations of the new target -- Fujian province the collective consultation on wages and labor quota as the key content, improve the coverage and timeliness of the collective contract system. In the clothing, footwear and other labor-intensive and the piecework system of the industry, carry out labor quota management pilot work; actively carry out collective wage consultation offer. Continue in the Industrial Park Economic Zone and industrial agglomeration promoting regional and industrial collective contract, guide enterprises to labor quota, occupation disease safety and health, labor relations in the key and difficult problems to carry out collective bargaining agreements, special. continue to create labor relations, harmonious enterprises and industrial parks activities. Strive to the end of the year, the province has launched the establishment of harmonious labor relations in 96 industrial parks, 1/3 reached the provincial evaluation criteria, 1/3 reached municipal evaluation standards, 1/3 reached the county level evaluation criteria. This year, the province won the top ten labor relations, harmonious enterprise units, may be awarded the "May Day Labor award."". promote the implementation of the labor contract system three year action plan. Started to establish a labor and employment filing system, to ensure that the end of the sample survey to achieve all types of enterprise labor contract signing rate of more than 90%, workers labor contract signing rate of 80% average goal. In order to overcome the tendency of the labor contract model, it is important to improve the quality of labor contract management. (Editor: admin)FoamPosite series has always been the custom who loved the mo cheap air jordans online deled styles. After a lapse of several days again brings customized works appreciation, this work still comes from domestic well-known team @ET_Customz @ET_Customz hand, choice the fusion the gradient effect of blue, green, yellow and other colors as the upper main colors, black silhouette pattern, like showing some autumn sky scene. source: micro-blog @ET_Customz any company at different stages have different marketing strategy, China's most international sports brands in the Olympic sports and the new tactics. Reporter was informed that after ending with the NBA China Partnership on September 30th, peak will start "Star Marketing" strategy, more star players and top events through the signing of the contract, to create the "star + star event + star product" of the "star strategy, opened a new marketing mode. PEAK sports CEO Xu Zhihua said: in the mobile Internet era, the star effect in the world is being infinitely magnified. Pick the next step plan is before the NBA season, signing at least one NBA all star player or team of the American dream star players, and within the next few years invested 2 billion yuan to promote the development and the design of the product, to the greatest extent play star effect. " NBA signed more top players leveraging star effect strengthen consumer interaction in the past seven years, as NBA China official marketing partner and first will billboards erected in the NBA China sports brand, peak innovation "NBA star + + TV broadcast" three-dimensional marketing has been imitated by other Chinese brand marketing model. However, with the rise of social media, as well as the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, this traditional media based marketing model has been unable to the appetite of young consumers. Market research company that pick and hired by the micro channel, micro foamposites for cheap blogging platform a series of consumer surveys show that: in China, 80, 90, even after 00 young consumers pay more attention to the game star players, and the players wearing the professional equipment has a special love. "They have a deep memory of our star Parke and Battier." PEAK brand management center responsible person Liu Xiang said, NBA field star performance, as well as the accumulation of the team, more able to ignite the emotional resonance of the fans, and directly drive the sales of star series products. "This is the reason we put forward marketing 'star strategy' change." such research results have been confirmed in the practice of PEAK. With 5 players to achieve the "six six year" crown of success, "PEAK champion law" known. At the same time, PEAK also from the star China line, the star of the popular marketing model, and the fans to carry out close emotional exchanges. 2014 Star China line of the "Parke champions night" and Battier retired ceremony, it is through the experience + interaction model of rapid intervention in the market, and achieved good market response. according to data provided by PEAK sales center, PEAK China market sales in the third quarter compared to the second quarter sales have a certain degree of improvement. Among them, in Parke, Battier and other PEAK Star China line, PEAK star products Parke generation and Battier eight generation basketball shoes sales unusually hot, driven by PEAK basketball series product sales increased by 20%. therefore, Xu Zhihua stressed, and NBA China cooperation come to an end, does not mean that PEAK will distance and NBA distance. Future US 〉When it comes to shoes trend in recent years, one of which is true of retro retro again, it is what we call again for processing on the basis of the retro shoes, make the shoes from the origin jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black al shoes Retro sneakers itself to a more retro texture is also, at this point considered a pioneer in NIKE. We continue to launch this years Nike shoes you can see this, slightly yellowed with suede soles, or do the old sense of the folds of leather and other materials are so retro feel of the shoes significantly enhanced, but today SB let me see this double to deep suspicion, which in the end is a new pair of shoes or old shoes. I remember to have a similar color as the non-SB series DUNK, after wearing oxidation 6, 7 years later, in fact, the sole of this shoe style, and is the same, completely yellow out, rather than Simple yellowing it, so I have reason to those contacts soon sneakers, or itself before pursuing this retro feel of the shoes you recommend this trafficking double than others have to do the old style but also a sense of history this pair of shoes. Brand: Nike Name: Nike SB Dunk High Pro Num: 305050-010 Price: 67 euros purchase link: flatspot & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;every summer vacation, Adidas, Uprising will provide a platform for each young future star hone skills, this year will combine Gauntlet series events, and the United States gathered together to compete. And Adidas also seize this opportunity and Damian Lillard D Lillard 1 combination, the introduction of the same name "Gauntlet" non special version of the city. Even so, we still have the opportunity to see Lillard and more than 150 teams competing with the athletes with such special shoes. The detailed schedule can be referred to as Adidas Gauntlet series. source: Sole Collector the running craze in the United States began in the 70s of the last century, and athletes became more and more demanding and diversified in their running shoes. According to the demand of over pronation (in the foot when turned inward) in-depth understanding of Nike, with the development of a more stable running shoes, 1991's Nike Air Structure running shoes, the stability of the strongest response to the students. After the advent of Nike, Structure family has won wide acclaim, as is the United States Galen Rupp long-distance running champion in the past 16 years has been in this series is like a running shoes, and even sports enthusiasts from elite athletes to the retired athletes, the series of unique design and attract. The latest Air Zoom Structure 20, the essence of its previous generation, brings the series into the most advanced design so far. A series of for time and can withstand the test of the market is still standing, in addition to the brand continued to inject depends on effort and resources, it must also have some distinctive features or innovation factor, Nike Air Structure hit the stable banner constantly for more than twenty years of age in months, around the core issue smooth continuous evolution, unique design language performance highlights ushered in the occasion of the twentieth generations of the selection of brand series in five double works with you to review each time and the time and space background. 1991 - Nike Air Structure running shoes are born 2006 - Nike, Air, Structure, Triax, 9 2009 - Nike, Air, Structure, Triax, 13 2013 - Nike Zoom Structure 16 2016 - Nike, Air, Zoom, Structure, 20 new anniversary special color Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 running shoes will be on sale in October 1st, more Air Zoom Structure 20 men and women's running shoes will be available from October 4th in designated stores on sale. Taiwan District store inquiries: Boost Adidas D Rose collocation technology in the actual performance of 5 expected, with a strong return the owner of Derrick Rose, many color gradually release the debut, recently on the Internet blue color similar to the Hornets, vamp uses special light texture, vaguely exudes metallic luster, the tongue back there along with a few different colors of the totem, but there is no further information, perhaps there is another belongs to the Derrick Rose story. 2011 founded by Chris Stamp, started in Losangeles on both sides of the Stampd into the culture, to cut and neat simple black and white color won acclaim, the most impressive than were printed on the LA and NY baseball cap. The popular style of casual shoes and Stampd like the idea, neat streamline shoe body, not too fancy color but can use different materials to increase the sense of hierarchy, so that can also be connected with fashion shoes. Three kinds of shoes this cooperation with black, white and blue to interpret the PUMA, into the combined effect of special shoelace design, multi-layer heterogeneous material, Stampd through its fashion design ideas in a concise outline of them to create a strong work style, the three works will be in March 29th in the Stampd online store sale price is for $135. Stampd, x, PUMA, Blaze, of, Glory Stampd, x, PUMA, NEW, Trinomic, Sock Stampd, x, PUMA, Blaze, of, Glory, Strap source: HypebeastThe design of adidas Originals ZX Flux let us see in the material, shoe pattern, or even to use creative practices for App, changes in such diversity, ZX Flux can maintain a fresh sense of design, show different features. The debut of the new color in concise black and white presentation of shoes outline, and printed on the shoe tree patterns. Followed by the TPU stabilizer and the side of the three lines in white design, simply to double color contrast. Currently available in foreign Titolo online store to buy. source: cn.hypebeastKyrie Irving is making shoes? Nike Zoom Hyperrev to get good exposure, and now two specifically for the Kyrie? Irving build PE style launch, two color respectively to his birthplace and Australian team Cleveland as inspiration to create two very active and awake the purpose of color, and the devil is felt in front of representative? Kyrie Irving letter "K" to emphasize the uniqueness of this series, in May 10th the United States House of Hoops store officially on sale?. news source: Foot LockerSon of Mars Low since the introduction there have been new color, now on the Internet exposure of a? Dark Sea color, in the body of the shoe is quite special, dark green and white color collocation on vamp in bottom, lining is a special pattern to enhance the texture, but at the moment the sale does not have any news, love the color of my friends please continue to pay close attention to the follow-up reports. source: sneakernews?mita sneakers & New Balance MFL574 combines classic elements and modern science and technology, toe gradient contour collocation breathable mesh, hot melt coating technique advanced to engage with the leather heel, and equipped with FRESH FOAM, with the concave point buffer performance convex point support, let both appearance and wearing shoes, please introduce more reference , new, balance-mita, sneakers, mfl574-8new, balance-mita, sneakers, mfl574-8 , new, balance-mita, sneakers, mfl574-1new, balance-mita, sneakers, mfl574-1 , new, balance-mita, sneakers, mfl574-2new, balance-mita, sneakers, mfl574-2 New Balance official store information listed